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  For an internet site to be accessible and available to your potential customers day and night 365 days a year it needs to be hosted on a web server.

A web server is in effect a vast computer system, constantly connected to the internet, and capable of allowing thousands of connections to it. It will store hundreds of websites and because of this there are potential pitfalls when choosing a hosting company.

  Some web designers use hosts that only offer a limited volume of information to be sent from your website each month. Others, limit the number of connections to you website effectively making you site inaccessible if several people visit it at once. Then there are the hosts that try to accept more traffic and websites hosted with them, than they can handle, thus when visited your website is slow to load and your visitors soon get fed up and click off elsewhere.
  PC Care web design + promotion can take all the worry and stress of choosing the right host away from you. We use a hosting company that offers unlimited traffic to your website, has a guaranteed up-time of 99.9%, and has high speed servers with a network infrastructure capable of supporting high volumes of visitors all at once.
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