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web design + promotion - portfolio  
  Below you will find samples of the most recent projects that PC Care web design + promotion have created or worked on.
  Because we offer a complete service from initial concept thru all the stages of creation and then search engine optimisation the projects we are involved in can vary from simply designing a new logo or company image, giving an entire existing site a complete makeover and face lift, or building a site from scratch, creating and designing all aspects, including logo design, page layout, colour scheme, and page content.
  If you notice any technical looking words or phrases that you are not familiar with, visit our web jargon page.
  www.hotfoilwizard.co.uk   www.restyleloft.co.uk

PC Care web design + promotion - portfolio - hotfoilwizard.co.uk Sheffield

PC Care web design + promotion were responsible for the complete creation of this website from start through to finish, handling all aspects of work in-house.

Work completed on hotfoilwizard.co.uk included:-

  • Logo design & creation
  • Complete website design
  • Button & graphics creation
  • Sourcing images
  • Complete website creation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search engine submission

PC Care web design + promotion - portfolio - restylelofoft.co.uk Sheffield

This website was originally designed and created by another design company who went into liquidation. PC Care web design + promotion took over the site and have been making regular updates and alterations as the client requires.

Project work undertaken for restyleloft.co.uk includes:-

  • New page creation
  • New Flash animation creation
  • Image & content modification
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Ongoing indexation reporting
  www.cassymarketing.co.uk   www.mrastudio.co.uk

PC Care web design + promotion - portfolio - cassymarketing.co.uk Chesterfield

Another website that was originally created by another web design consultancy, but PC Care web design + promotion have been brought in to perform search engine optimisation and revamp some of the more dated content within the site.

Work carried out on cassymarketing.co.uk so far includes:-

  • Update buttons & graphics
  • Update some of the content
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Consult about complete face-lift

PC Care web design + promotion - portfolio - mrastudios.co.uk Dronfield

This was a website that was rebuilt by PC Care web design + promotion from graphics and text that existed on an older outdated site. We improved the sites search engine rankings with out expert knowledge of search engine optimisation techniques.

Tasks undertaken in the redevelopment of mrastudios.co.uk include:-

  • Update entire site
  • Re-code pages in proper HTML
  • Analyse meta tags
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search engine index reporting
  www.susansdanstudio.co.uk   www.coaldusttostardust.com

PC Care web design + promotion - portfolio - susansdanstudio.co.uk Eckington

PC Care web design + promotion were responsible for the entire design and creation of this website. Basing colours and graphics on existing business stationary and company logo.

Project work completed for susansdanstudio.co.uk includes:-

  • Website design
  • Image sourcing
  • Graphics creation from logo
  • Website creation
  • Continual content updates

PC Care web deisign + promotion - portfolio - coaldusttostardust.com Dronfield

This website was built by PC Care web design + promotion as a showcase targeted towards book publishers that may be interested in publishing a book (Coaldust to Stardust) about the life of two legendary entertainers, Roy & Jackie Toaduff who captivated audiences on the QE2 for over 18 years.

The worth that we carried out for coaldusttostardust.co.uk included:-

  • Website creation
  • Graphics creation
  • Image digitisation
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