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PC Care web design + promotion offer a complete in-house service for designing, building, uploading and hosting websites. No matter whether you require a single page web-business card, a multi page web-brochure or a fully featured, media rich website we can help you through it one step at a time, explaining everything in plain english.

You are in complete control at every stage; you tell us what you want and we make it happen!




With over 10 years experience of building website's using both industry leading programs and manual coding of HTML* (hyper text markup language) and CSS* (cascading style sheets), we know how to build in great design and eye catching aesthetics, along side ease of use, simplicity of navigation and create an overall pleasurable experience for any visitors to website's we create.
* Please view our web jargon page to find out more about any references / terminology you may not be familiar with. Go to web jargon page?

Because all aspects of the designing, material / content sourcing, and creation are done in-house we can create bespoke website's that are unique, not adapted templates that have been used over and over and have no individuality.

Also because we are adept with image manipulation and creating graphics from scratch, we can also provide logo design, company image consultation, colour aesthetic consultation, and even print services for traditional business stationary such as business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and flyers.

  Below are details of the various stages of web design, what they involve and how PC Care web design + promotion handle each task.
  Stage 1 - Consultation   Stage 2 - Web Design

In the consultation stage we liaise with our client to set out a brief of what is required from their website, a time scale for achieving the finished product and a budget which we will strictly adhere to.

This stage includes:

  • Decide on type of website required
  • Discuss draft site content
  • Decide on domain name
  • Set budget on which to base quotation

Once a brief has been set, we go about designing the website, navigation system and site content. Colours are chosen based either on existing artwork, logos, images etc used in your company's business stationary & advertising or we can create a new fresh look using colour wheels to choose either complimentary or contrasting colour schemes and applying basic colour theory to produce a striking and appealing site.

This stage includes:

  • Choosing a colour scheme
  • Deciding on navigation system
  • Choosing page layout / content
  • Creating / sourcing graphics
  • Producing a sample page for approval
  Stage 3 - Web Site Creation   Stage 4 - Search Engine Optimization

Now we have an approved sample page demonstrating the navigation system, page layout, colours, graphics, and page content we create the rest of the website to appear exactly the same and remain consistent throughout. Once created we then check the site for browser compatibility, bugs and errors, correcting any problems that we find.

This stage includes:

  • Complete site creation & coding
  • Graphic optimization for fast downloads
  • Error checking and rectification
  • Web browser compatibility check
  • Check for W3C compliance

By now your site should be created and working, but what good is a website if nobody can find it? We now need to make sure that your site will achieve high rankings with the major search engines.

This stage includes:

  Again we would like to remind you that if there is any reference, terminology or generally technical jargon looking phrase that you are not familiar with you can find a plain english description in our helpful web jargon page.
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